We have started a San Francisco Bay Area Meetup group which will discuss the matters below. (Branches worldwide in process.) Suggest everyone check it out first as it presents a good summary of this site.


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Meetup.com The Health and Life Extension Movement

Our initial meeting is Saturday, January 4, 2020, 2-4 pm (see Meetup.com page) at the Berkeley main library 3rd floor meeting room (three blocks from the downtown BART). Aubrey de Grey will be the first and featured speaker. Q and A to follow. Free event.

Special website section for: FORESIGHT, RAADFEST, BUCK INSTITUTE people, and all other Health And Life Extension enthusiasts.

Include-Everyone is now working with Aubrey de Grey (CTO of SENS) Jim Strole (head of RAADfest), Michael Greve (CEO of Forever Healthy), and other leaders and leading Health And Life Extension organizations on the project described following. We would like your opinions and input.

What is the purpose of any movement? Typically, to change a given society's perspective in a particular area. In our case it's to affect all of humankind's thinking about health and life extension so it is seen in a positive light. We have a movement but it is not organized or coalesced.

Investment in biotechnology is increasing greatly. A number of entrepreneurs, and prominent people are now recognizing that the control of aging is possible and is coming.

To insure that as many people as possible now alive are included in what is very likely inevitable, and is clearly an evolutionary change, the relevant research (cryonics, stem cells, nanotechnology, etc.) needs to be further accelerated. Also structures need to be in place to insure that everyone on the planet, rich, poor, and so on, has access to current and future advances.

So our movement is absolutely crucial. But no movement can achieve its potential if it has many different names. Ours is called life-extension, health-extension, longevity. the Singularity, anti-aging, transhumanism, immortality, rejuvenation, etc.

To achieve truly massive investment from governments, foundations, personal donations, etc., and to succeed in general, we need public support. To get public recognition, much less support, we need to first be easily identified by one name and one main goal.

Think of any successful movement -- #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and so on -- all have one recognizable short name, and one identifiable objective. The globe-wide (and even American) public has little recognition that our movement even exists, so how can they support it?

We need to decide on one name, and one main goal (quite likely research acceleration), and then organize and promote The__________Movement. Then we can become what we deserve to be. The most important movement in the history of the world. 

Let's start by deciding on one name. Look over the list below. Let us know your choice, and any comments about it or any other aspect of the process. (How to do so, at the end of the list.)

TOP THREE  Note: Many names are already in use by other organizations, and can be easily appropriated for general use. It would help any entity if their name were also used as the title of a mass movement.

RAAD (Revolution Against Aging And Death)
           Strong, Direct, Intriguing, Clearly suggests "radical."

            Humanistic, Inclusive, Intriguing (We want to include everyone in the coming control of aging.)

HALE (Health And Life Extension)
            Direct, Has word "health." Positive connotation (hale and hearty)

SAD -- Sickness Aging, and Death -- as part of a name. So "Stop SAD," or some such name is worth a mention near the top.

Everyone Evolving -- Indefinite living in perfect health is considered by many the next step in evolution. It is crucial that we evolve humanistically as well.

OTHER POSSIBILITIES: (Many, as mentioned, are already used by organizations and can be adopted as a name of the entire movement.)

Forever Young
Stop Aging
PI -- PhysicaI Immortality and People Improving
Undoing Aging
Reimagine Aging
LIFE (Life-Extension Advocacy Foundation)
The Singularity
Humanity Plus
LEAF (Life-Extension Advocacy Foundation)
LEF (Life-Extension Foundation)
Forever Healthy
Coalition For Radical Life-Extensiion
MILE (Movement for Indefinite Life-Extension)
Longevity For All
International Longevity Alliance
Life Enhancement
Longer Life
People Unlimited
LEAP (Life-Extension Acceleration Project)
Healthy Life-Extension
The Huvement (a huvement -- pronounced "you've-ment" is a movement that affects all of humanity)

To present your choice, and any other thoughts about any aspect of the process, send an email directly to -- MoreLife900@yahoo.com and put "Movement Name" in the subject line. Hope you can make our Meetup discussion group. We'll be meeting monthly.

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If there are link issues Google:
Meetup.com The Health and Life Extension Movement 

This website was created primarily for the general public. As a health and life extension person you likely know much of the information presented, and have many of the attitudes we're trying to inculcate. Still, you might look over the site, and peruse any area of interest, perhaps especially the button marked "Humanistic Aspects."
The regular text of the website starts below:

As visually indicated above, some truly amazing scientific advances within the last few decades have greatly progressed human health and lifespan extension. (Involved are areas such as tissue engineering, stem cells, nanotechnology, sirtuins, telomeres, gene editing, The Human Genome Project, supercomputers, etc., etc., etc.)

Huvement n. A type of political or social movement. As opposed to a typical movement which focuses on changing an aspect of a given society, a huvement is a movement which focuses on changing an aspect of all humanity. A movement encompassing an evolutionary rise, a becoming. (Pronounced: you've-ment.)

Note: The easiest and most direct way to garner and acquaint oneself with the website's information is by reading. Equivalent videos, if they could even be done or found, would take much more time to consume and would not communicate the information nearly as well. This section's text is, by the average reader, consumed in less than five minutes. If you do nothing else, please read this introductory section.

Afterward, if you decide to continue, you may navigate the sites remainder any way you wish. If you find reading text somewhat difficult on a website you can try putting the text into reader mode. If you wish you may change the font's size by clicking "Control" and +  or -. Do read at least this section. It's important.  

A sampling of references from the numerous PhD scientists, MD's, and biotech experts aware of realized developments:

"This is a revolution. This is a big deal. It's like going to the moon. It's like Ponce de Leon, you know? It's like the quest for the Fountain of Youth when there's a possibility of finding it." Cynthia Kenyon PhD, Director, The Hillblom Center for the Biology of Aging , University of California, San Francisco.

Michael Fossel PhD, a medical professor at Michigan State University, has said that aging research can battle almost every known disease. He adds, "Human culture is on the cusp of changing more profoundly than it has since we invented agriculture. The world will soon be transformed politically, socially and economically. The first immortals are among us."

"I would not underestimate the power of science and medicine to unlock the mechanisms of aging and give human beings the choice of whether they want to have a life span of 100 years, a life span of 500 years, or an indefinite life span." Dr. Michael West PhD, founder of Geron Corporation, Advanced Cell Research, and AGEX.

Biophysicist Dr. Robert Sisheimer who worked at the California Institute of Technology, and is Chancellor Emeritus, Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz talking about our growing mastery of genetics has said, "Even the timeless patterns of growth and maturity and decay will be subject to our design. We know of no intrinsic limits to the life span."

"We'll be putting millions of nanobots inside our bodies to augment our immune system, to basically wipe out disease." Ray Kurzweil, main inventor of the computer scanner and the music synthesizer, winner of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the United States' highest honor in technology. Mr. Kurzweil is the author of five national best-selling books on health and lifespan extension.

"There is no inherent reason to prevent us from organizing our bodies into perpetually functioning and self-replenishing individuals." Dr. Bernard L. Strehler of the National Institutes of Health and the Andrus Center at The University Of Southern California.  

CNN correspondent and medical doctor Sanjay Gupta: "All over the world and right in your backyard, there are people who are steadily pushing back the frontier of aging. They are not content to simply wither away, becoming frail and feeling worthless. Instead, they are achieving a sort of practical immortality by living as long as they want to live and dying only when they are through living. Immortality is on the horizon and it is within our reach for the first time."

So, many mainstream authorities are now predicting that we will, in the future, one way or another, totally control aging and infirmities. That people one day will be able to live as long as they may want in perfect health. Given the current funding for essential projects, the consensus is we are about a hundred to two-hundred years away from the goal.

As later sections will further illustrate, the curing of diseases, and the extension of lifespan are inextricably linked. Any modality that helps one, helps the other as well. Rejuvenating worn out cells within the body, replacing worn out organs with new cloned organs, keeping cells from aging, etc. will insure a life lived in a youthful, vibrant, totally healthy body, with say, a chosen 150 year length, or possibly, if one wishes, an indefinite length.

Nobody of course knows for sure how the future will play out. Those of us now alive may be able to benefit from some of the incredible breakthroughs today moving forward or already accomplished, but it's doubtful that very many, if any of us, will be included in what will, with virtual certainty at some point, be the greatest and most important change in the history of humanity.

It appears we will be among the last people to have to live in bodies susceptible to disease and injury, and to no matter how well we may take care of ourselves, still have to age, deteriorate, and die. All just because we were born a little too soon on the historical timeline. Something immeasurably unfortunate and unfair.  

As indicated above, though in actuality more comprehensively, Google recently formed a company named Calico (California Life Company) dedicated to seriously moving health and life extension forward. But Google's Calico, and many lesser known organizations which have been working toward the same endeavors for years, are able to only accomplish so much.

Can something more be done to help accelerate the necessary progress? Yes. To find out what, and to take a look at the actual state of relevant research today, so that all the above may be shown to have a solid basis in scientific fact, go on to the next section.

Note: If sufficiently interested after the following section, it's advised that you read the next two in order since one builds on the other. (Once again, none is terribly long; they don't have to be read all in one sitting, and the entire site is no longer than many online magazine articles. And, you'll likely find Include-Everyone contains much cogent and important information and perspectives.)

Of course you can navigate the site as you wish. By pressing "control" + "home" you will be taken to the top of the page and the navigation buttons, or you may use the links below. Or, to go to the next section directly, just click this link: Research+