My name is Ira Brightman. I've worked professionally as: a writer (published and produced), English teacher in various guises, college tutor, psychotherapist, and comedian.

Anyway, I am not important. It's my ideas, insights and arguments for Include-Everyone, and those of other like-minded individuals and entities that are important. It is the amorphous health and life extension huvement already existent, and the need to make it into a real, organized huvement (with one name and one goal) that is important.  

This is my second attempt at starting a concerted huvement to accelerate health and life extension research. I had the idea for one fifteen years ago (calling it then more conventionally a movement) and managed to get a website up titled, "LongevityForUs. "Some individuals and groups then had already been working in their own separate ways toward the speed-up of what was usually called life-extension.

In those days you needed a webmaster to create a website, and the one I chose did a relatively good, though expensive, job on all but the most important area -- the home page. If you're interested, following is a link to an archive that still has it. Click on April 13.

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I told everyone I could think of about my ideas, and two of my friends helped at the outset, but soon felt they had to return to their jobs and lives. Despite working full time teaching writing and related subjects to blind and legally blind adults at The Lighthouse in Manhattan, I was able to generate some interest in the project and the site, but not enough to get things established.

I am now financially independent, no longer have to work at any job, and am totally devoted to organizing and launching the huvement. The public is much more aware now of the scientific work being done, and the time is right. The current site is a vast improvement in many ways, and as mentioned, today numerous other groups are now working toward the same goals.

Though at the moment I am leading the effort to promote this site and its ideas, many people have already joined, and some are helping run and promote Include-Everyone. We will, as soon as possible, be forming a staff, plus a complete board of directors and advisers for this site, and for the needed work.

Once it is centered the Include-Everyone huvement will take on a life of its own. Various leaders will likely emerge and there may be a number of factions, but we will all be working toward the same goal. I want to contribute what I can, but don't need to be, or expect to be, any more than one of the people doing what they are able for the huvement.

So, once again, I am not important. You are. We all are. Because we all have the definite potential to live as long as we may want to in perfect health.        

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