If you agree with the core principle of the Include-Everyone huvement that health and life extension research should be accelerated so that every one of us now alive can benefit from it all that's asked is you signify such agreement by adding your name and email to the list of those people who are like-minded. This list will not be shared with any other company, organization, or entity of any type. It will never be used to solicit donations or to sell anything.

We will inform you of any demonstrations, local meetings, internet get-togethers -- whatever we may do. (If you care to put in your zip code we can let you know about anything specific to your area.) It will then be up to you to participate or not in any such event. If you choose to unsubscribe at any point that will be done honestly, simply and directly.

Right now it is of paramount importance that we gather as many names and emails as possible of people who agree with the basic principles of Include-Everyone. We can then start to show powerful individuals and groups that many people want Hale research accelerated.

Of course money is needed for publicity, renting of an office, legal payments to achieve tax-free status, rent for meeting rooms, etc. If you are currently in a position to, and of a mind-set to donate, and can do so without having it be a charitable donation, please do so via the PayPal icon in the "Addenda" section.

If contributing to a registered tax-exempt non-profit is crucial to you, we can, for now, work through a compatible organization. (We are moving toward such status.) Send along an email to: if such is the case, and someone will contact you. The compilation of names and emails toward coming events, toward building the Include-Everyone huvement through strength in numbers, is crucial so please at least add your name to the cause. 

Because we do not want anyone to be pressured to donate at this point, and because we don't want this to be one of those sites where the donate button is prominently and often displayed, the donate button is not set on this page.

If you'd like to volunteer some time to help our endeavors, that would be greatly appreciated. Send along an email to us: To provide a suggestion for improvement email:  

We need to get the huvement going. There is no time to waste. Please, for your sake, for everyone's sake, take a few moments to just enter your name and email (please add zip code too if comfortable doing so).

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